Basic Game Rules

  1.  Games consist of two, seven - ten minute halves (depending on registration numbers).

  2.  Offense has 3 plays to cross 20yrd line (Mid-Field) for a first down and then another 3 downs to score.

  3.  After a TD (6 points) the team can go for either a 1 or 2-point conversion. (1pt. starts at 5yd.  line and 2 pt. start at 10 yd. line).

  4.  No Kickoffs. Ball always starts at own 10 yd. line

  5.  No Fumbles. Ball is dead where the player dropped it and offense maintains possession.

  6.  No runbacks off interceptions. Play begins where the ball was caught.

  7.  No blocking allowed anywhere on the field.

  8.  Defense can rush the QB after 5 seconds – Count out loud

  9.  No Halfback Passes

  10.  “No Running Zones” are located 5 yds. from each end zone and 5 yds. On either side of midfield. If play begins within these zones, then the QB must pass the ball.

  11.   Spinning is allowed, but players may at no time leave their feet by jumping or diving while having possession of the ball.

  12.  Stiff arming is NOT allowed.

  13.  The ball is spotted dead where the ball carrier’s feet are located, not the ball.

  14.   A player must have at least 1 foot in bounds when making a catch

  15.  If the game is tied at the end, a coin will be tossed and the winner of the toss with choose offense or defense. The offense will then have the ball at the 10 yd. line and have one play. If they score they win. If they don’t score, they lose.

  16.  Substitutions can be made freely in between plays.

  17. Referees decisions are final and are not up for debate.

  18. The Referee will keep score on a 3X5 Card. Once the game is finished the Referee will give the 3X5 card to the winning team’s captain and he or she will take it to the Tournament Score Table.



Tackling, Elbowing, cheap shots, blocking, trash talking, foul language, or any unsportsmanlike act will subject the offending individual and team to ejection based up the referee’s discretion.