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On this page you will find media, devotionals, downloadable bible studies and more! All of this with the goal to keep you connected to New Life and Encouraged on the journey. In addition to this page, make sure you like us on Facebook, follow our new Instagram and are in our email database. 

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Daily Encouragement

from Pastor Mike Cramer

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1-2 Year Olds

3-4 Year Olds


5-6 Year Olds

Sunday school lessons from home! The whole family will be encouraged as you use these tools to help your children keep their eyes on Jesus. 

Keep Connected

All of our Community Groups, the Youth Ministry, Olympians, and many of our Sunday School classes are now meeting weekly on Zoom. 

Zoom is a video conferencing app and website. Below is what you need to be able to be involved with your group online.

1. You need to have a smart phone OR a computer that as a camera / microphone built in (most do).

2. If you are using a smartphone, download the zoom app. It's free!

3. Contact your group leader and give them your email. Your group leader, will then send you an invite via email. The contents of that email will ask you to join the zoom session. Follow the instructions in the email and you will be face to face with your group!

Children's Ministry