Consisting of groups that are made up of all men or all women.  The goal for these groups is for you to develop positive relationships that will encourage you to grow in your faith. These groups will meet once a month at New Life with all participating men or participating women for food, fun, and encouragement in the faith.  They will then meet twice a month individually for discussion, fellowship, prayer and encouragement.  We know that these groups will help you build your life and faith for Christ.

Power for Living Academy

The Power for Living Academy will encourage you with: positive faith, foundational values, timeless truth, and powerful motivation to achieve success. You will experience: inner strength, increased passion, and an inspired vision for incredible success in life. The Power for Living Academy will be a tremendous investment in your spiritual growth and positive attitude. 
Foundational Power 101 is a unique blend of Bible Survey from Genesis through Ruth, and motivational principles for successful living. Our strategic approach to learning will help you build a spiritual foundation and a positive framework for success. Our focus on Bible characters will help you learn Scriptures in a meaningful way. Each "power principle" is designed to help you "hang your hat" on a particular truth. 
Bottom line, you will be equipped to embrace a positive faith, and empowered as a positive believer. 

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An in-person Bible study for senior adults

that meets every Tuesday at 6:30 PM.

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Hour of Power

Dr. Mike Cramer & Cindi host an "Hour of Power" once per month at 11 AM. Join us for inspirational singing of traditional hymns, prayer, fellowship and foundational Bible teaching.